We continue to answer Puerto Rico Needs

our next & fourth trip to the island on 1/22. CrearConSalud was working with local colleagues and community partners. On the emotional recovery and empowerment process of our fellow Boricuas, especially our children and adolescents. For us, it was important to understand the current level of recovery and what needs still exist

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Distribution of supplies and gifts at Guadiana, Naranjito.

Repartición de suministros y regalos a la comunidad del Bo. Guadiana en Naranjito. Algunos lloraron de alegría por cosas tan sencillas como una almohada, las habían perdido durante la inundación. Distribution of supplies and gifts at Guadiana, Naranjito. Some people even cried for simple things like pillows, they lost theirs

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The Mental Health toll on Puerto Rico by Power Outages

We’ll be continuing a series of visits to PR in partnership with the wonderful PECES, Inc to provide mental health response trainings to volunteers and affected communities. Please support us. Here’s a quote from a recent article about the mental toll of a slow recovery and lack of power:   “I have

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The Forgotten Island

Over the last several years, we have learned that to make an impact, the following steps were necessary: Include the community. Meeting with community leaders and learning about their needs in their own words were critical to exploring the principal necessities for the communities. We needed to be realistic, listen,

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Puerto Rican Residents Return to Island for Mental Health Tour

Psychiatry residents and fellows with roots in Puerto Rico return to the island to raise awareness of mental health issues and the need to increase access to care for the territory’s residents. Instead of delivering didactic lessons about the array of challenges associated with mental health care in some Hispanic

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