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our next & fourth trip to the island on 1/22. CrearConSalud was working with local colleagues and community partners. On the emotional recovery and empowerment process of our fellow Boricuas, especially our children and adolescents.

For us, it was important to understand the current level of recovery and what needs still exist in each community, on a material level as well as a medical or mental/ emotional level (e.g. something as simple as ice, shoes, and ibuprofen) may be in short supply and much appreciated (that was our experience in Vieques, Fajardo, Luquillo, and Culebra).

Our on the first responder are dealing with their own burnout since they are carrying the burden of people of their communities.  CrearConSalud is doing most of its work in the training of staff, teachers, and administrators of other partners and communities. After all, we are on the same team.

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Fundación Stefano Steenbakkers Betancourt
American Psychiatric Association
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